CDR-1000 - CD Recorder

CDR-1000 - CD Recorder - Product Picture
Denon CDR-1000

CDR-1000 - CD Recorder - Features
DENON CDR-1000 Allows You to Record Digital High-Quality Sound.

The CDR-1000 is a CD recorder that supports both CD-R audio (recordable) discs and CD-RW audio (rewritable) discs.
This unit allows you to record high-quality sound onto CD using DENON's renowned digital technology. You can also play your regular music CDs on the CDR-1000.

Since the CDR-1000 is equipped with a highly accurate Sampling Rate Converter, sound of different sampling frequencies (32 or 48 kHz) can be converted and recorded at the standard CD frequency of 44.1 kHz.

The CDR-1000 also provides the convenient Synchronized Recording function, and its external appearance sports a refined aluminum panel to match the high quality of the recorded sound.


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