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DN-D6000 Twin DJ CD Players - Product Picture

DN-D6000 Twin DJ CD Players - Information

Denon have extended their family of Dual CD/MP3 players with the release of the rack-mount DN-D6000. This highly-specified device boasts an amazing MP3 featureset and 'Next Track Reserve' function. This not only makes it ideal for clubs, but the provision of the 'Unattended Playback on Power-Up' feature makes it equally suitable for bars and restaurants. The MP3 playback mode fully supports MP3 seamless looping, scratching, hot starts and MP3 effects; CBR & VBR (constant or variable bit rate) encoding up to 320 kbps; ID3 Tags (files embedded into the MP3 which displays Title, Artist, Album), and MP3 File Search System (offering fast and easy file location by name). The DN-D6000 also includes the Next Track Reserve function, piloted by Denon. The company rationalises that storing hundreds of MP3s on one disc is fine but what if the DJ wants to play other files from the same disc, back-to-back? This innovative function allows the operator to search for a song by name and crossfade seamlessly to that file for a smooth non-stop mix. The crossfade time is user-adjustable, and this facility is also available for CD audio discs.

DN-D6000 Twin DJ CD Players - Features

  • 15-Second On-Board Sampler
  • B-Trim
  • Volume control
  • 3-way playback (Loop/Single/All) with edit options
  • 3-Way BPM Counter - Auto BPM, Manual TAP and Manual BPM value is also possible
  • Built-in Effects-the Effector function can be selected by one of the four effects: Flanger, Filter (High/Mid/Low), Echo, and world's first Echo/Loop
  • Platter Effects-Drag-Start
  • Brake and Reverse effects can be used for MP3 or CD audio discs

Player Unit:
Dimensions : 482 (W) x 88 (H) x 252 (D) mm
Weight : 6.3 kg

Remote Control Unit:
Dimensions : 482 (W) x 132 (H) x 60(D) mm
Weight : 2.4 kg

Datasheet PDF 183 kB
Manual PDF 15.86 MB


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