Table-Top DJ CD Player

DN-S3500 Table Top DJ CD Player - Product Picture

DN-S3500 Table Top DJ CD Player - Information

Denon DJ takes its innovative spinning active platter design to the next technical level. Introducing the new flagship DN-S3500 tabletop CD/MP3 player with powerful 12-pole Direct Drive motor, on-board effects, and our most advanced MP3 functionality yet.

Digital's never felt so good!

DN-S3500 Table Top DJ CD Player - Features

  • Direct drive
  • 2.5 kg-cm torque
  • Full MP3 playback and file search support
  • 33/45 rpm modes
  • Built-in FX
  • Deep pitch resolution (0.2%)
  • Brake, Reverse and Dump platter modes
  • Next Track function
  • Hot Starts & Sampler facilities
  • Seamless Loop to Sampler copy function
  • Two-way CUE Search system
  • Customisable slipmats
  • Software upgradeable via CD
  • Extensive preset menu

Dimensions : 300(W) x 124 (H) x 334 (D) mm
Weight : 6.2 kg

Datasheet PDF 212 kB
Manual PDF 9.3 MB


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