DENON DN-V210/V310
Professional DVD Players

DN-V210 Professional DVD Player - Product Picture

DN-V310 Professional DVD Player - Product Picture

DN-V210/V310 - Professional DVD Players - Information

The DN-V210/DN-V310 DVD Players are equipped with standard functions of most DVD Players and includes advanced functions required by professional applications, such as High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI), Hide OSD, Change Wallpaper, NTSC/PAL Conversion, Auto Play and various Repeat modes. These advanced DVD players are suited for Commercial, Educational or any Public Installation that requires a Professional DVD Player. The DN-V310 even includes a RS-232C serial port for added control flexibility.

DN-V210/V310 - Professional DVD Players - Features

  • DVD/ DVD-R, CD, VCD Playback    
  • MP3, WMA, DivX Playback    
  • High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI)   
  • NTSC / PAL Conversion   
  • IR Control   
  • Optical / Coaxial Digital Output    
  • Hide OSD    
  • Change Wallpaper   
  • Auto Play    
  • High precision 96 kHz 24-bit D/A converter  
  • Key Lock   
  • RS-232C control terminal.  
  • Serial Remote Control (DN-V310 only)
  • 2U (rackmounted)

Dimensions : 434 (W) x 80 (H) x 360 (D) mm
Weight : 3.9 kg

Datasheet PDF 422 kB
Manual PDF 8.01 MB


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