Sonifex - HY-03 Telephone Balancing Unit

Sonifex HY-03 Analogue Telephone Hybrid
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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This FAQ (frequently asked questions) answers some of the popular questions asked about the HY-03 and how it operates. If you have any specific questions regarding the operation of an HY-03 which aren't covered below, please contact us.

What are the remote connection details for these units?
The remote connector is a 9-way female (socket) D type. To remotely divert, connect pin 1 to pin 2. Pin 3 supplies +15V with reference to pin 4. The remotes can act as momentary or latching depending on the setting on the rear panel of the unit:

Pin 1 : Divert switch (Line Connect)
Pin 2 : Common
Pin 3 : Lamp
Pin 4 : Common

What type of remote lamp will the HY-03 drive?
The remote lamp type should be 15V at 40mA max.

What is the power consumption of the HY-03 telephone hybrid?
Less then 6W for HY-03 and HY-03S.

What functions are controlled by the configuration settings switches on the rear panel of the HY-03 telephone hybrid?
SW1 Dial Tone Disconnect Enable.
SW2 K-Break Disconnect Enable.
SW3 Input/Output Mix Enable.
SW4 Ring Detector (Auto-Answer) Enable.

The telephone hybrids don't automatically disconnect on dial-tone. Why not?
This is correct as there is no dial tone disconnection unless the HY-03DTD dial tone detect option has been added. If the HY-03DTD option has been added and you still have this problem, then ensure that configuration switch SW1 is set to on. Also, ensure that the HY-03DTD option is of the correct type for you network connection. Contact Sonifex for further information.

The telephone hybrid unit keeps "dropping the line". How can I stop this happening?
Firstly, try disabling the k-break function of the hybrid set the SETTINGS switch SW2 to off. If you still have a problem once the k-break is disconnected, please contact us.

The signal input to the HY-03 at the input connector, is audible at the output. Why is this happening?
There is an option on the HY-03 which enables the input signal to be mixed with the output. Ensure the SETTINGS switch SW3 is set to off to disable this option.


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