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CDR 310 Transportable CD Recorder - Information

Marantz is taking CD recording to the next level with the CDR310, the first truly portable, affordable CD-based field recorder. Whether for documentation, duplication, or archiving, audio CDs promote confidence through their permanence and universality. While digital recording and CD burning have been commonplace for several years, existing hardware has lacked the go-anywhere flexibility and ease of use that users have come to expect in the digital age. The CDR310 has changed all that. The CDR310 frees the user from the constraints of system-based solutions, delivering the same great recording quality in portable field capture as it does in permanent installations. With an on-board hard drive, the compact, lightweight CDR310 records high quality 16-bit audio in CD-DA, WAV, AIFF or MP3 file formats, then can burn a CD instantly, on location. Best of all, the CDR310 has battery operation capability so you can take it anywhere.

CDR 310 Transportable CD Recorder - Features
  • Digital hard disc recording in a variety of formats    
  • Instant CD burning    
  • Convenience and portability with one-touch record operation   
  • Flexible record modes - Pre-Record, Background Record, Silent Skip,  
  • Adjustable Auto Track  
  • Professional hardware from input to output

Dimensions : 247 (W) x 60 (H) x 184 (D) mm
Weight : 1.3 kg

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Manual PDF 4.65 MB