Rackmount Solid State Digital Recorder

PMD570 Solid State Digital Recorder - Product Picture

MD570 Solid State Digital Recorder - Information

For years, Marantz Professional has led the industry in the recording and gathering of audio for every application from Houses of Worship to Corporate Boardrooms to Municipalities to Courthouses and beyond. Not afraid of moving forward with technology, the new PMD570 pro-installation solid state recorder from Marantz Professional will lead the charge in audio data acquisition. Replacing the traditional cassette tape with readily available and affordable CF (compact flash) cards may be scary; but after all of the benefits of doing so have been realised, you’ll know why Marantz Professional and the PMD570 are out in front again. And you thought we were famous for our cassette recorders !

MD570 Solid State Digital Recorder - Features

  • Record Directly to Compact Flash Cards
  • RS-232c Control of Functions
  • Easy One Touch Record
  • No Moving Parts
  • MP3, MP2, WAV, and BWF Format Compatible
  • Over 40 Assignable Quality Settings
  • Security for Media (Door)
  • 16-48 kHz Sample Rate Selections
  • 32-384 Bit Rate Selectable
  • Menu Driven Contact Closure for Remote Operation: Start- Pause,
    Mark EDL/Create New File/Start-Pause with New File/Mark EDL
  • Digital Input and OutputBalanced XLR Line inputs with Trim
  • Unbalanced Line In and Out Extensive

Dimensions : 483 (W) x 52 (H) x 298 (D) mm
Weight : 3.0 kg

Datasheet PDF 431 kB
Manual PDF 2.02 MB