Telephone Line Balancer

The NEW Phi tronics Active Telephone Balancing Unit
is now available from Dave Langer (Creative Services).

Phi Tronics T.B.U. Picture
This superb telephone hybrid or 4 wire to 2 wire converter provides an inexpensiveway of balancing telephone calls.

This unit is self-powered and senses line conditions to give line balance after pre-setting to local conditions.

Most local telephone calls will balance the first time and the unit can be used on System X or Strowger exchanges direct.

The unit has one input from the exchange line and a balanced 10k ohm cleanfeed input with an output for handset and
another for the telco channel which is balanced with an output impedance of 50 ohms.

The hybrid has a local divert capability to switch between a local handset and the equipment .


  • Self powered
  • Simple, but very effective balancing
  • B.T. network emulation
  • Euro card size PC board
  • Meets all the current safety specifications
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Supplied enclosed ready to go

Phi Tronics T.B.U. Front Picture

Phi tronics Specification

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