Sonifex Solutions 2
Solutions 2

Sonifex Solutions 2 - Product Information
After the success of Solutions 1 the complete radio studio package launched at the beginning of 1996, Sonifex have listened to requests from customers and have designed a package using a split desk configuration of broadcast console, called Solution 2.

Designed for larger broadcasters using hard disk automation, Solutions 2 is based around two Sonifex Sovereign MX10 mixers connected by bus cable. The split desk provides up to 25 input channels and can accommodate two 17" monitors.

Solutions 2 comprises a split desk mixing console, custom U-shaped furniture, on-air CD players, mini disc recorders and a 19-inch rack containing a cassette deck, telephone hybrid, power amplifier and power supply. Headphones, mics and a 'mic live' sign are also supplied. The package includes the same high quality, reliable professional audio equipment that has proved to be such a success with Solutions 1.

Sonifex Solution 2 Comprises:
Sonifex MX14S - Radio Broadcast Mixer
Fully modular build.
Built in 4 way stereo distribution amplifier.
True cleanfeed output on the telco module.
VCA's controlled by faders.
Two main output groups.
Two Tascam 501 minidisk recorder/players
Each unit is a recorder-player.
Uses industry standard mini discs.
Conventional operation.
Editing to 1 frame accuracy.
Sonifex HY02S - Rack-Mount Telephone Balance Unit
BABT approved in the UK.
Fully automatic operation.
28dB typical line balance rejection.
DENON DRM555 - Rack-Mount Cassette Deck
2 Head, 2 motor professional cassette deck.
Dolby B, C, HXPro
Variable Bias.
Auto Tape Selector with music search
Two DENON DN-C630 - Broadcast CD Players
Fader Start.
Pitch Control.
Cue to Audio.
DENON PMA 250SE - Rack-Mount Power Amplifier
50 Watts per channel
Low distortion.
Audio Technica AT4033 transformerless
Presenter microphone
Excellent sound reproduction and build quality.
Two Audio Technica - Cardioid Microphones
Suitable for non-ideal acoustic environments.
A Pair Denon SC-M5K monitor speakers
High Performance
Small and robust.
Two Audio Technica - Studio Headphones
Adjustable, padded headphones
Comfortable, with earpieces providing good isolation.
Other Features Included
Custom Studio Furniture
'Mic Live' Illumuniated Warning Light
Test Disk With Test Tones For Checking The Installation
Fully Prewired Audio, Mains And Remote Cables


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