Station Master - Benefits


Sonifex Station Master - Product Information
An addition to Sonifex's range of low cost radio station 'building blocks' is the Station Master. It is designed to combine all black boxes needed for audio distribution, studio switching, talkback and monitoring into a single low cost package that is easy to install. Station Master

Combining all the black boxes into one leads to significant cost savings over the discrete parts it replaces without any compromise on quality, ensuring the maintenance of high engineering standards even when budgets are tight.

The monitoring of the Station Master is available using either a built-in amplifier or through a headphone output. The unit is available with either VU or PPM meters.

Station Master - the Benefits

The Station Master has a number of benefits :
  • Saves money - combining several features into one unit gives significant cost savings over purchasing the discrete parts that Station Master replaces, without any compromise on quality.
  • Easy to install - single unit simplifies installation.
  • Requires less space - Station Master is a 3U high 19" single rackmount unit which replaces up to 11U rackspace that discrete components can occupy.

Station Master - Studio Switching
Station Master accepts stereo audio feeds from up to 4 studios, switching them individually to transmission using offer and accept operation. The output of the current 'on-air' studio is distributed to the other studios via a dedicated bus, avoiding the need for multiple studio distribution links. The output of the Station Master is provided as a stereo pair or a mono feed of the stereo source. The studio switching is achieved using latching relays and therefore retains its switch status in the event of power-failure.

Station Master - Delay Control

A profanity delay can be controlled by the Station Master allowing you to install just one delay unit that can be shared by your studios and used by the studio currently on air.

Station Master - Monitoring

The Station Master is fitted with either a pair of true PPM meters, or VU meters, for monitoring up to 8 stereo sources. These sources consist of the connected studios and four external sources such as news feeds or off air receivers. The audio can be monitored via headphones or output through a power amp capable of driving 10W into 8W speakers. There are also two *" jack insert points for using the Station Master to monitor from a jack-field.

Logging To allow for logging of broadcasts the Station Master has a stereo balanced output for professional logging equipment, together with 3 sets of phono unbalanced outputs for connection to domestic VCR equipment.

Station Master - Talkback
The Station Master's talkback system acts as the master station for talkback with 4 satellite systems. These can either be the connected studios or other locations such as a record library. Individual satellites can talk to each other or broadcast to all stations.

Station Master - Audio Distribution

Station Master distributes the 4 incoming stereo signals to each of the connected studios without the need for external distribution amplifiers. These signals, such as off-air receivers, news feeds and outside broadcasts, can be professional balanced inputs or at domestic unbalanced line levels. The gain of the incoming stereo signals can be adjusted from the front panel. Distribution gain is controlled by a preset potentiometer.

Station Master - Power Failure

In the event of a power failure to the Station Master, it will continue to route the current on-air studio to the transmission and logging outputs. Also, when power is re-applied to the Station Master, all switching, including the offer and accept switching, will instantly re-initialise to the configuration when power was lost. This means that your on-air studio can continue transmitting, even if power to the Station Master has failed.


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